Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gone with the winds

Wrote this in a flight from Tucson to Atlanta...had nothing better to do I guess...just contemplating. I hope the nice lady sitting beside me wasn't reading and laughing at it, when she apparently looked like she was napping :P

Gone with the winds

This and that..that and this.
So was the so called bliss.

When you don't know here or there
They say you'll reach there

Some bitter and some sweet
Memories always remain

Hope we'll meet

When the world is small again

The circle that started
Is coming to an end

The light at the end of the tunnel

the time shall bend

And I'm more than eager
To know the things difficult

For mere mortals to figure

Unless He says, go figure!

Till then there is a black hole
Its dark about its deeds

Till then the mind and the soul

Are gone with the winds


Anonymous said...

nice ...
Then again were you in high "spirits" ?
-amit :)

Parag said...

thanks :)
wasnt high in "spirits" but was almost high :P

Gandalf said...

Parag Sarfare at his usual best. Good one mate. Excellent :)

Anonymous said...

that was really a good one buddy...keep writing in the high "spirits"...