Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Milky Muse

As I had said earlier there are tons of things to write on..but now they have become like pending court cases which are never looked at again. Things should be written when they are fresh. Recreating those experiences in the mind to get the right words out is a difficult difficult thing. After some blogger's block, which I do get very often, thanks to my usually uneventful life...I thought I should write something about the diwali gift I got for myself (yes I'm that bad :P)...a nice, sleek, slim....hmmm...let me put this in better words:

The milky muse...xx99^ bucks
Bumper discount thanks to my friend*, 25%
Ecstasy, joy, pleasure that some dreams in life come true...absolutely priceless!

There are some things in life money can buy, for everything no master, visa, american express won't help. Try consulting the Oracle or H G Wells if you are not technologically challenged...I should be writing in more wakeful hours, or I end up getting disoriented like this...

More on my experiences with the machine soon..unless that too turns into a pending case. nx, it was a pleasure running you, thanks for being there, all the time. You are still the best laptop around, other than the muse offcourse :). The young apprentice will be instructed to take good care of you.

^prices not to be revealed :P
*Karthik, thanks maga! I owe you one, big time.

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Gandalf said...

Now flaunt it in India :)