Saturday, March 18, 2006

To do or redo

I was fed up seeing the looks of my blog....same for the last almost 8 or more months i guess. I even took to designing the entire template again...but just could not keep the patience to complete it. The results were....sad, i just could not change the state of my blog to the new look, which could turn out more pathetic than what it is now. Today, the typical leisurely saturday...i though lets try again. I ended up making just the header or banner. That too is still not fully done...but i got bored again. I have put up the incomplete one, hopefully i'll redo it in a few weeks.

Its just plain fun playing with Photoshop. But it gets frustrating when you can't get to do what you had thought of...and that happens with me a lot. Thats why it took very little time for me to get distracted from doing it. Anyway, the symbol that is there on the right is that of my zodiac sign, Aquarius. The up-down stroked figure symbol stands for water, which is a integral part of the Aquarian-related thingies, though Aquarius is a air sign.

Yesterday i saw "The Fog". B-grade, zip-it.

Last few days have been exciting and testing...i hope there is a better tomorrow to see...lets see. And i need to pull-up my blogging shoes...i am losing audience !!


I improvised it again...The symbol now is embedded in a bubble. The title has a fog and shine, just for some celestial magic :P

It looks ok for production use now. Every pixel of that is collage this time.These are the transitions till date...

june 05 - mar 06

may 05 - june 05

aug 04 - may 05

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Anonymous said...

Neat stuff dude !

try to get some transparancy on the floating panels, thru css2, use a tspx gif in the backgrnd..*just using my imagination here so you'd do all the hardwork :p *


Parag said...

Thanks man.

What floating panels are you talking about ?

Parag said...

ok got it...i thought u were saying something about the header image.

Rohit Srivastwa said...

The art work is really looking kool

Anonymous said...

The banner looks superb, and I loved the glowing borders of all the boxes and the main page

Sudeep said...

Dude u know i m a mechie... dont understand these 'simple' softwares..
majhya sathi design kar na header :))

this one looks cool ... i luved the sparkle on the 'i'