Saturday, March 25, 2006

Digital Fortress

Finished back-to-back reading Dan Brown's novels. Deception point, and now Digital Fortress. Digital fortress is an interesting book.

Though I would say it is last in the list if I try to rank 4 of his well-known books. It is based on a so-called "unbreakable encryption algorithm" and what follows when somebody holds to ransom a government agency using that algorithm.

The book is vague in its technical details...though it tries hands at a lot of "geeky" things and even things that would be in research as of now. But as is said incomplete knowledge is works all the time against the 'story" presented, and the story loses its hold on the reader. Particularly, i felt it widely inappropriate to entertain myself with the technical details i knew were incorrect or atleast incorrectly stated. But that may be just because of the fact that i have some background in this context.

The plots and twists are were primitive, if the standards Dan Brown sets for himself in his other works are considered. The reader can guess what is to happen next in some of the sequences and that makes him/her skip few pages of conversations between the characters where the plot evolves.

But if the reader is a lay-man which the majority audience is, i am sure this book can provide far better entertainment than it provides to someone like me. All said, its a good book for some timepass, but it fails to make any serious impressions.

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