Sunday, June 26, 2005


After a long hiatus accounted to the the scorching summer heat, we (the Firefox trekkers, as we call it ! ) were back at trekking again. It wasnt exaclty a trek, but more of an outing, Lohagad fort, nearby Lonavala.

Its easily a single day's affair & should take around 2 hrs to go up the fort, though we took 3 loitering around :). It was a drenched day all the time. Whenever we stopped due to heavy rain it used to stop and by the time we got going it used to start pouring again. Felt more like the rains were meticulously planned for us, something like the cloud hovering over Jim Carrey in The Truman Show! When we reached the topmost plain on the fort the winds were as strong as that point on Sinhagad & the rains slapped the skin, literally. The hazy foggy winds, the ferociously drifting clouds, the green scapes the periodic floods and the wet shivers...we really had some time up there!

By the time we started descending down, it had rained so much through the day that there were families of waterfalls sprouting from everywhere. It looked quite amazing to see so much in a single frame.

We hopped back by the 6.34pm local, & then the worst happened. While in the train, I had to listen to 1 hour of inarticulate torture pouring out of Riyaz's mouth. To worsen it more Satwik was giving him an able fight, so it was twice the load i would have had to bare!

After reaching home, I slept of impending sleep after a lot of days. Feels good to go to sleep that way :P. Now thats what i call it a day of quality.

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Sudeep said...

Lohagad is beautiful during rains.. the best part is the 'Vinchu Kata' where u go down a part of valley using a thin cliff-edge. The last trek I went was Dhak-cha-Bhayri.. had to climb using creepers with one leg dangling in the deep gorge.. horrible yet satisfying