Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Changing with the seasons...

Changing with the seasons...this was the first, then it was this. I was tired of the collage type looks my headers always have, wanted something more clean & elegant this time. After a lot of protos i finally made something, that i think atleast, is much more cleaner and pretty.

And though i have been a Photoshop fan since ages, this pic was crafted, every pixel, in Gimp. It has some nice features n filters. But there are some basic things missing, like a variety of brushes in differnet sizes, though making & editing brushes is a snap in Gimp compared to Photoshop. And offcourse the install size is much much smaller than latest Photoshop CS2 Final, thats around some 320MB. In all Gimp is a nice app, & the best part being the GTK(Gimp ToolKit), the base of all GNOME & related apps that was made for making Gimp! Ghosh, thats like saying lets make water for making Coke (ok, i know thats a bad metaphor)!

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Sudeep said...

The header is absolutely amazing.. How did u do it.. no pun intended..:D.. i mean which s/w.. Gimp?? ..can u gimme the link for it.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think the third this in the post also needs a link .... Think ahead ... of when you change the header again :) !