Saturday, July 02, 2005

You, there

Stop it, he said...
Stop the whining
Long has it been running
The mind, it is leeching

When the moon is up,
When the stars are bright
Why is that you see the greys,
And not the blinking plays
You watch the world go by
While you are in standby.
Patience, i say again
Is the path, not bargain.

Dont tell me,
its not worth trying for.
Cant help it,
if you arent aiming soar.
Fellows come and they go,
Trumpets blow & maybe rude,
But that aint a reason to elude.

It was never easy,
To trample the pride.
But this is how,
You will know to ride.
Escape you cannot,
This surely is a marathon,
Theres more you can do,
Than just go on...

Few lines, courtesy Bryan Adams ;)

Category [ _MaskaKhari_ ]


Anonymous said...

Ok Dude, you have to listen to me. I have a brilliant plan.

I think _we_ could make millions. You keep the writing going, find yourself a singer, I think acoustic rock star genre fits the bill, they'll pay you a lumpsome. Then I get 50% of it, coz its my idea.


Parag said...

You find me one & believe me i give you 51%, 1% as brokerage :)