Sunday, May 29, 2005

Forced, farced.

The only things that i happen to be doing these days are reading books & watching movies. Something has to stop, & a lot more has to begin.

Finished Kane & Abel in 2 days flat. Its a huge book, intriguingly interleaved story across three generations. This is the first book i read by Jeffrey Archer & i am amazed. It was also the very first time that i read something that wasnt a mystery, not a fantasy nor sci-fi, yet simple awespiring. You just cant put the book down the anxiety to know what will happen next is just too much. The best part is, inspite of the story having such a vast expanse, it has a purpose & seems meticulously planned from start to end. If i had the money i would have made a movie trilogy out of it!

Messed up my weekend completely. Had to go with "--force" option to Star Wars for a friend. The force was really with me :). Watching even a good movie again, is a pain when you have seen it just a few days back. And he couldnt appreciate what i thought about the movie. Doesnt matter, shouldnt. Then came a blow i couldnt just bear.

Bunty aur Bablee, go to a nice cinema hall & do see the movie, why should i be the only one to lose money ;). The movie sucks. It is as bad as the big hype made. Theres not even an attempt to make a decent movie leave alone making something interestingly different. The movie scores only in the aggressive marketing that has been done for it & maybe a song or two. The overall setup, the dialogues, the story, direction, everything is a what-the-hell kinda mess.

After this shocking encounter, my friends & i have come to a more going to movies, as if we are the critics publishing our views on stupid blogs like this, or giving word of mouth reviews. Let the real critics do their job before we shell out our khoon-pasine ki kamai, khoon ka malum nahi, pasina jaror hain...

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Kshitij said...

No 'khoon', and definitely not 'pasina' either....u sit in the damn AC man..the whole day...

harsh said...

Hey I had read ken and able in second year but it had definately taken more time for me to complete. no doubt its an amazing book.

I had a similar experience this weekend.
My office collegues forced me into bunty aur bubly. its a real torture to watch the movie. At least there should have been one plot weaven properly. no dialogs no direction no nothing. purely hopeless.

I think the next movie to watch is going to be MR & MRS SMITH ;)