Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Now & here

Last few days have been a bit hectic, considering my relaxed schedule these days. After a lot of procrastination finally Bala and i gave TOEFL. Lets hope things work out well. An year ahead of work to be done, with a lot of formalities.

Me and a friend from our colony, go for a walk everyday,after dinner. Yesterday a very hilariously interesting thing occured. I turned a bit left on the footpath thinking he wanted to goto a shop. Seeing me turn he turned too. We went to counter, each thinking that the other is here to buy something. And almost at the same time both of realised that nobody had to buy anything. We looked at each other in bewilderment & burst out laughing. He apologised to the shop owner, god knows what he must have thought about us!

My machine has survived a lot of hardware failures, 4 times the RAM, once the motherboard, that made me change the processor too :(. Now after a long hiatus at peace the devil is at it again. The RAM is out, XP gives BSODs stating PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA. Linux, the clever guy runs pretty well, without reporting a single error. Perhaps all of its memory is paged & it can hence handle damaged memory locations. It feels really bad to shell out money for repairs.

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Sudeep said...

I m trying to upgrade my XP tp SP2 but it wont accept n gives the error mssg saying tht the prev. version is pirated (key doesn't match).. so cant open some sites coz they need SP2.. hell yaar..also thnx to the frequent power fluctuations my UPS gave in n had to get a new one. :-(

Parag said...

An excerpt:
The BadRAM/BadMEM system hooks in there. It uses the second alternative already mentioned. During boot up phase of your Linux kernel, it locks certain areas of RAM. By doing that it ensures that the kernel never will use this area and therefore will never trap in such bad memory. During allocation it just skips those bad areas.