Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Being a SuSEr

Doing more firsts in my life...bought, yes you read it right, bought SuSE 9.3. Its kinda weird, but the first software i ever bought happens to be from open source.Obvious question people ask is

Why ?

> Firstly its cheap. Just $15.45 shared among some eight people which comes to around 100 bucks. I dont mind paying 100 bucks for a state-of-art Linux. And here the term holds more than true.

> Everything in SuSE has been fine tweaked to near perfection. Be it boot splash, Xen virtualization support, UML (user mode linux) support, the look-n-feel. Xen & UML support turns up even in the control panel & by all means SuSE YaST control centre is THE best centralized management tool u'll see in any os.

> SuSE 9.3 is much better improvement over 9.1 that i was using earlier.SuSE always represented a linux where everything just works & it really does, with 9.3, better.

The new & improved KMail 1.8 has made me switch from Thunderbird. Importing your mails & address books from any mail client is supported in KMail. It is packed with a lot of settings & integrates very well with KDE, goes into the systray & displays number of unread mails as an overlay over the systray icon. Only thing i missed was the RSS feed support. But with Akregator you dont feel like using anything else for collecting feeds. It too comes with full KDE integration...KDE has become a benchmark when it comes to usability & productivity of desktop environments.

Dare anybody say linux is not ready for desktop ( the guy on BBC Clickonline
show did !)

a SuSE user.

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Anonymous said...

amitgud: you won't believe I didn't install the whole suse 9.3 I just did an upgrade and no settings have been changed, yet its 9.3
amitgud: it was so seamless!!
parag: ya their upgrade is too good
amitgud: really good, my every piece of data is intact, even the amarok is upgraded but the playlist it had before installing is intact!!
parag: kewl, very very