Friday, April 29, 2005


Why do people think so much about things they should not? They keep worrying of the scratch on the new jeans, the hair streak which refuses to get tamed, the pimple on the chin, the bad handwriting on the freshly written cd, the dust on the computer screen, the drawing room clock that is 7 min late...just why.

Isnt life already complex enough...not being a Deepak Chopra here, but i feel completely inundated by what life has to offer. It just springs surprises one after the other like ice balls rolling down an avalanche. But sometimes it feels more sluggish than a snail, but that i think are intermittent oppurtunities to stop you falling off this roller coaster ride. When you glance back you realise that it really has been one hell of a ride. If you dont, probably your at the top spot of the ride where the buggy slows down almost to a alert, adrenaline is just a second away.

Oppurtunities knock your door...i dont know about others, but i invariably forget to answer those destiny's eager bells. The less eager ones i do attend, everybody does. But you just keep hope..this word hope has started sounding all the more cynical to me everyday. Its like clinging to something & getting all embarrased about it. But its like the last man standing when everything else just falls apart.

This is my problem, i end up getting all philo...& my sense of humour sucks. But i am having classes for that...Mr. Douglas Adams would you please stand up. My standing ovation or better , sashtang namaskar to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Please feel free to get yourself a copy.
Space, time & humour has never remained the same ever after this got published !

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Kshitij said...

the buggy has suruly come to a grinding halt for me...when will that second get over for the adrenaline to rush ...i m still waiting..