Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Alumni meet

There was this alumni meet organized in our college. Or rather there wasnt any organization as such. But who cares, it was a good to see some old faces & some not so good to see old faces. People gave those boring lectures as usual on how college can benefit from past students & blah blah.

The best part was sitting on the stairs in front of the OAT, our kutta & sipping the same old peach ice tea. Ohh those days, some memories. But as Mukya put it, there were a lot bad ones than good.


There was a small scale orchestra by the art circle group who never seem to run out of steam. Dinner was ok, thats some improvement at ok dinner & offcourse the road, man its made of tar...heavenly delight. Though i miss that motocross course it used to be before. Later we thought of catching the 1150pm show at E-square, but twas housefull, all shows. This was the 2nd time Bala & me tried to catch Hitch :( looks like we'll never get it.

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Mukya said...

Dude, i would always say, never ever follow the white rabbit.