Friday, April 22, 2005

A JV with VJ

Well well, VJ's n mine birthday parties were pending...and i mean like really pending like a bureacratic job. Mine by 2 months & her by an astounding 4.5 & offcourse she had one more damn good reason, shifting to M$. After lot of useless discussions & postponing we finally managed to arrange it. Actually wanted to do something different, whats with giving dinner all the time. We ended up doing something more trivial...showing a movie.

But was worth all the wait i would say. We got lucky enough to see Lucky...kidding ;), Robots, from the Ice Age people. Fundoo animation, great designs-artwork. The creators prepare a very believably true & awespiring robotic-metallic cling-clang world. Attention to detail was visibly noticeable. In n all a nice, funny movie & the best part was this time everybody thought so !

Though i repent missing the first 5 min & Ice Age 2 & Star Wars - Revenge of the sith trailers, thanks to the 11th, no 13th hour comer Riyaz.

People gifted with me a t-shirt & cds of The Incredibles, looks like somebody really thought before taking the gift ! Thanks !! Coincidently some time back i had written the cds of the same for VJ.

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