Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Thoughts of a never-mind

Reader discretion advised

There are times
i get afraid of the ticking chimes
i could have done this, said that;
but this time i dont wanna be a howzzat !

Experience burns your hands;
There is no magic in its wands
Impulse & passion are poles apart,
One knows patience the other does not

So i have made a pledge,
let destiny be the gauge
Let me stride along,
On the way i belong

With intuition by my side,
And imagination my guide
Till i hear the voice,
That will bring in the spice

And when comes the spring,
Windy flowers it shall bring
But i am afraid,
Of the change that shall spread

The green pastures, the blue river,
The warm wind & the fever.
The cost of which,
My inworthy soul might not deliver.

Category [ _MaskKhari_ ]


Kshitij said...

why should spring bring fever along with it? and experience shouldnt burn ur hands..on the contrary..it soothes your hands with fat pay checks--experience counts man!!!

Parag said...

Fever here is the zeal, enthu.
Regarding experience...u seem to have forayed in distant fields !!

Kshitij said...

ahh...did you mean to say "fervor" ?
...anyways... how would a poor mortal..a mere simpleton like me understand the great metrical composition full of poetic expessionism of a mordern day Shakespearian lore penned by a poet laureate like you ???