Sunday, March 27, 2005

Proving Murphy's Law, twice

Murphy's Law:
If everything is alright something will surely go wrong.

The statement is so simple & so common, everybody of us must have said this at some point.And yet still we accredit it to Murphy !!

Take one:
We had a demo, a proof of concept. My partners & i worked till the last minute to make sure everything is fine. Everything looked clean & clear. It was just at the right time when we were supposed to make a point, voila, a seg fault appears on the screen ! We tried our best to hide the statement showing on the screen, but alas the guy at the other end, with a slight crackle in his voice said " i think i see a seg fault here" ! We looked at each other in bewilderment...our PM came to the rescue & later we demonstrated a working earlier version. gulp...the code seg faulting was mine & this is april time....

Take two:
I thought lets be ok about it & do well next time. Till then i had 3 days to unwind. It was perfectly nice time to relax, spend some quality time with friends. But Murphy's law does keep pace with you, ( something like the other Murphy's law, the guy who was at Intel ). There were some guests, the types that bother you a lot particularly those that are in strong favour of your folks & you are forced to do things for them. Well they wanted to go on a trip with us and i was literally dragged along. I went through 2 days of involuntary travel, artificial smiles & unwilling group snaps. Add to it the scorching heat and offcourse going to locations i have visited more than once ! I thought Fools day was only on April 1st...

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thanks nano, and a correction the guy at Intel was Moore not Murphy.