Tuesday, January 04, 2005


> since last 1 year to get a new belt
> since last 4 months to get a PanCard
> since last 5 weeks to get up early n go jogging
> since last 3 weeks to get a pair of socks
( no, none of the present are odoriferous )

Ignorance is bliss...basking in its glory more so. This is costing me dearly, n i turn a deaf ear to it very conveniently. ( my reasoning behind the cost i pay for having a sad bad belt is preposterously far fetched n hilarious, not mentionable ). And i have made it a resolution...new year being just a good occasion, to give up this flamboyance in the context of "doing the things in time".

This reminds me of The Fifth Element, sci-fi, very, the story seems like dilution of one of Arthur C Clarke's. It has one of the greatest lines i have ever heard regarding time, Time is not important, life is. Though this is contrary to everything, it gives you the feeling of why time is called as the 4th dimension. It has loads to say when it comes to lives of people...they are so engrossed into doing things in time, they forget the very purpose of all doings, life itself. Some mech batchs punchline on their sweats read Even time ticks by gears, mechanical rules , yup, so very true, mechanical rules, n the metaphysical is lost, crunched between the cogs n wheels of time.

But the harsh reality is that everything n anything is bound, bound by time... n theres nothing anybody can do about it, an absolute nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Only if man were to understand the importance of LIFE, over that of TIME, he would not be man then. He would be GOD!

Life is Eternal, Time is not!