Thursday, January 06, 2005


Linux surely needs a lot of uniformity & integrity to
be plugged on. I was trying to install RH9 but it
crashed while installing boot loader giving disk
geometry errors, but when i did the same with FC3 it
worked, the reason was...i had installed FC2 earlier.
Thats really really frightening.

The troubles dont end here, just cause i thought
installation of FC3 would fail too i selected minimal
packages...n i installed the XFCE desktop. Now comes
the real fun...theres no way in XFCE by which i could
install gnome or kde from my cds. I tried running the
autorun script from the disc 1 which brings that
install screen of packages (the place where u select
kde, x, dev tools etc). But it asks for other discs,
for that you have to umount disc 1 & hey autorun loses
its base !!

This is ridiculously frustrating !!

Finally i had to settle by doing
yum install gnome*
( for further disgust "yum install gnome" doesnt work)
Now this is ok just cause i have more than enough
bandwidth here at work..for otherwise the only
solution would have been to copy the required
discs/rpms on hard drive....n curse the people who
thought of including XFCE in FC3 & not installing
"gnorpm"(a package handling tool for installed system)
when u install just XFCE.

People, we need some more lateral thinking here !

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