Saturday, January 01, 2005

1st Day of 2005

People are divided into two groups. There are people who
get lucky, lucky by luck, lucky by coincidence. These people
take the coincidences as a sign of divine intervention, they
start believing that someone somewhere is looking for them.
They develop hope on this faith. They believe that miracles do

Then there are people who think coinidences happen by
coincidence n that luck isnt always there, its all probability,
50-50 chances of things to happen.Such people have hope on
the fact that there 50% favorable chances, but deep inside they
know that whatever happens they are on their own.
- Mel Gibson, Signs( though not a word to word excerpt)

So what kinda person are you ? A miracle man, or the other kind. Or better, a third kind ? I believe everyone needs considerable time n energy to figure this out.

I heard this piece of the movie while surfing...early morning, offcourse the early morn happened to be noon cause of the revelry on new year's eve.2004 was a very eventful year for many things happened in so less time...i am feeling like am sitting in a time capsule hurtling forward at light speeds...and yes i am glued...waiting anxiously to what is coming next. With so many events to deal i needed tolerance levels more than ordinary, & i am glad to come out almost ;) unscathed...

I have always been, & will remain an avid dreamer and though I expect the modest, I keep longing for miracles to happen... i guess everybody does, n so do I from 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, I m the lucky kinds, but lady luck never comes my way. She's always running the opposite way. By the way, lets dream together for a miracle to happen



nanolucifer said...

I think 'luck' is best explained by the 'Casino Principle'. The more you play the same game, the more you tend to lose. :)