Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Yo-Yo syndrome

Today was officially my last day on my current project.
Tomorrow onwards starts a whole new ball game...

I retouched the header again...i think now it looks
less noisy.

This phenomenon...i donno what to call it, i feel like my
life is all but a aimless, zig zag thing bereft of any zeal
n life itself. I get this feeling all the time when i try to
think over what happened through the day. Its more like
dragging along with a limping foot heavied by a stone
tied to the shoe string. But then when i look it from a bird's
eye view...that is say after a month or so i feel like great
going man, so many things i did, i screwed, i fixed n i
awaited n rushed at !! ( read things in a more generic aspect
here than just technical, life sucks with just technicality
attached to it ). And everyday i dont get the satisfaction
that i lived the day to its extent...but yes after a month its
like...what a well spent month !!

These extraordinarily ironical waves absorbed when felt at relative
distances are so confusing...sounds like Doppler effect or
something, or is it the relativity theory again...

I am pretty sure many people, my age may be experiencing this
phenomenon...ok let me give it a name...The Yo-Yo Syndrome...

ek paheli hain tu
nar naveli hain tu
jitna main suljhau...
aur ulhajti jaye...
khicha chala...jaaye...
kachche dhaage se saiyan...

great lyrics...explodes with a million of which
should be the thread battered over here.

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nanolucifer said...

Hey Parag....'zigzag life' phase? Chill dude, and hang in there. Law of Averages is bound to catch up ;).

Parag said...

The Law is working, just that i get to knw the
effects little late..;)

Anonymous said...

Nicely done header......keep up the gud work!!