Saturday, December 18, 2004


Wanted to give a new look to the page then
i thought why not just revamp it. The header
that you see above is the result of 1 hour
of tries n retries, compositing of 4 images
and some brilliant filters for image processing
- courtesy just rocks.

I wanted it to have a look which kinda reflected
my ideology n thought processes. So there you have
smooth artistic curves interlaced with multiple
transparencies on the left & futuristic design
at the right n at the center theres the matrix like
brick fall, immersed subtly. That covers everything...

People not accustomed to so much of neuron burning
( term courtesy, Ashwin ) for a meagre some 750x100
pixels...hmmm...its these small things that make the different...hell i end up preaching
everytime !!

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