Saturday, December 25, 2004

Where is that one single soul

This is the very first time i have tried my hand at
rhythmic writing, bear

The one..where is that one single soul
From the day the dreams started shape
Eyes have been waiting day after night
For the one moment to see that sight
But its a mystery untold
Waiting for life to unfold

And everytime i see a spark
I think could it be that light
But its only a volatile delight
...where is that one single soul

The thoughts keep pouring
The zeal tries soaring
I feel a cold shiver
Could it be that breeze thats warming
Or is it just the trade winds playing

Why is it that it happens
Why is it that it cant be made
And he says theres hope
On the way where the dreams elope
...where is that one single soul

by [ 35 min, 1 billion neurons & a soul ]

Category [ _MaskaKhari_ ]


Parag said...

A friend interpreted the gist as :
I am the one who is searching for myself i.e
my soul is looking for the soul in me...!!

Well i had no idea somebody could make this out of it...hmm...looks like i made a real poem...multiple interpretations...!

Anonymous said...

You are blessed with divine afflatus.

Parag said...

Thnks WTW ( whoever that was ) i think i should submit this term to International Abbrevations Institute, if such exists, ppl just love anonymity, leaving daemons that keep running in my mind...

Nayana said...

That was nice!