Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sun Signs

I am more than impressed with what Linda Goodman
says about people, relationships and the way they
are influenced by zodiac signs. I dont know about
others but i do have the habit of reading those 4
lines in the newspaper on Aquarius, yes thats me..
feel free to appreciate what & why of the aquarians
after you read Linda Goodman's Sun Signs or Love

She gives seemingly perfect recreations of possible
interactions between people of different zodiac signs.
You can just ponder on how far n off she must have
dwelled into peoples lives & perspectives before
preparing so convincing statements of hers. The best
part is that she is just not an astrologer, shes a
great writer too. To explain the different aspects
of behaviour she uses prose & poetry interleaved. And
its all Lewis Caroll's Alice of Wonderland that the
excerpts are from.

For aquarius she says...

In the rains when the woods are green
We will tell u wht we mean
In the summer when the days are long
Perhaps u'll understand our song...

( and Lewis Caroll happens to be an Aquarian )
Interestingly this was also the punchline on the
t-shirt we made for our BE project group, titled

The things she says about Geminis, Virgos, Sagis &
the crabby cancerians are so damn very true. I find
that it is easier to deal with people once u have an
idea of how they will react to anything & everything,
& that is the whole point behind this endeavour.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Twain - "Alice in Wonderland"! That was Lewis Carrol.
Mark Twain wrote Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Parag said...

ooops !! thats correct, the blog has been rectified.

whoever that was u hve a very keen eye for sure...