Sunday, December 12, 2004

4 for 400

It has been a pretty long time since i saw a decently
made movie. As it turns out our breed doesnt come
up with any bright ideas to spend a weekend other
than watching movies at a multiplex. And yes, the
enthusiasm remains unfaltered inspite of turning the
wrong stones & gettin nothing below it. I thought our
luck would have turned bad once , twice ....ok thrice
but not four times...this is getting frustating.

We saw King Arthur it was a dud. We saw Vaastu Shastra...
even better dud...kasli vaastu ani kuthla shastra ! Could not
figure out whether it was a comedy or a horror. Then came
Hulchul...damn i havent seen a more hopelessly made movie
till date, that too with a star studded cast. Even if u try to
enjoy the movie giving it the liberties most films demand...
to get digested, it couldnt hold tight. Then comes the rock
star of the year, thats fair enough to say cause its mid
december n i hope i dont see a bigger dud than this...
Ocean's Twelve. Steven Soderbergh....he had made a nice
film called Ocean's Eleven, then he made this...the worst
sequel ever made with all the Hollywood stars packed till the
brim. The movie starts, the people in the movie chat...laugh,
then i think theres some mention of a "great" robbery, then
people chat..laugh, then theres some "great" joke, then people
chat...laugh....the audience try their best to get involved with
what happens on the screen...but only thing they see is...
people chat...laugh ! The tense is scrambled, u cant figure out
when its the present, when its a flashback, when the film begins
n when it ends.

I am beginning to believe theres less risk in making a film than
in watching a film. Did somebody say film making was an art...
hmm must be...some kinda modern art..what say ? !!

PS: Cause OT is so offbeatly made i did like the movie...

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nanolucifer said...

Hey dude, nice blog. Keep posting.

- Niranjan

Anonymous said...

i can very well understand what ur feeling
have felt the same way for a long time ....

try mugle azam....surely worth a watch
will open ur eyes as to what we are lacking today ...majorly