Sunday, December 12, 2004

And the award goes to....

It is not uncommon that some people are
accredited for more than what they deserve
or for things they never did. And those
beings who should have been rightfully
acknowledged remain forgotten in the mists
of time. Common people dont know their names,
dont know what they did their identities remain
enclosed in documents lying on some rotten shelves
biting dust through the ages...

The most glaring example is that of, yes, me !
I dont get the credit of doing household chores
though i do them, my brother walks down with the
honours, with due credit given by Mom & I remain
forgotten inspite of all my efforts which are 49:51
compared to my brother's, & I say thats too good
considering the laziness quotient of my bones. Now
thats enough of me, lets talk some real...

Look at Edison the great he has more than a 1000
patents to his name, thats some figure. He
invented the light bulb & he started the General
Electric & is called the father of electricity.
But hey folks thats history scrambled very sadly.
It was Nicolas Tesla who invented electricity as
we know it today, the AC. But damn ask a layman
who is Tesla, the look on his face will say it all.
Same is the case of Radiowaves, Marconi till
recently was credited for it, J C Bose the real
discoverer was given the due decades later. And if
you scan through science books in schools you will
still find Edison for light & Marconi for radiowaves.
Damn history is screwed since historical times !

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