Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A tryst with Puns

I was bored, damn bored. How much ever u try
to learn from record n replay it turns out
a damn squid. And it wasnt like i was replaying
in front a audience like a lecturer enjoying the
reflections which change every season. It was
just me who was recording & it was me replaying
to myself. I kept my tolerance flexing it as much
as i could, then i broke.

I tried making a serve in an alien court. It worked
the ball was back in my court, & voila it was a
bigger better one. But the impact of ball falling
in my court made a slight thump which the organisers
could hear n then started an interesting match.
Thats too much of me, lets talk about Bugs Bunny.

Bunny was upset & there were KnR & tigers to help
him alleviate his discomposure. The Bunny was never
so much tristated ever before & he did not know
what to do. He called up his pals for help n they
were there, damn lucky guy i say ! After a lot
of introspection & retrospection Bunny called it
a day. After all he was offered carrots, fresh
red carrots, he gave up green spinach for it !!!

So is Bugsy happy ? I would say he doesnt know
himself ?! But he has learnt something really
important that he would never forget...

You have to unearth your own carrots !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Buddy, why dont u explicitly write about something. Its almost unrelatable and understandable

Anonymous said...

Yeah ! As they say " Keep it simple stupid" where they = web dev's.

This is readable only to those whom know you , and to those whom you've refered to for help, whats the point in telling them again about how you feel ...


Anonymous said...

Its not about telling anybody anything,
its about letting out my feels on my
space...why should people have a problem on that ?

And NO, I dont like to keep things simple...
cause that makes things look dull n ordinary.