Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Of bumpy rides, cool breezes & SPDP...

Finally after 2-3 hasty unsuccessful endeavours of arranging a trip
we made it a reality. We went to Harihareshwar, a beach side place
in Raigad. I had previouly been there in my 10th standard ( i like
it to call it that way than saying usish grade ). And what a trip that
was...i can still remember vividly all the things we did there 6 years
back...it was lifetime cherishable experience. This time too it was
pretty good & i am more than sure i will go there again...it has
got a place in me somewhere.

We started off on Saturday, 20th Nov in the morning. On Damma's
insistence i got up 4.15am, its midnight time for me these days...&
the expected struck when Damma n others showed up at 6am. 4 1/2
hrs & we were already there...after lot of bumpy dumpy travel in
a Sumo, which sounded like a direct descendent of an ST bus. We
managed to get a tent in the MTDC resort, its full thumbs up with nice
n tidy tents right by the sea shore. You can hear the waves lashing,
watch the sea gulls fly, feel the cold & warm breeze and entertain
your eyes with artistic panoramic delights while sipping strong coffee
all at the same time...man its some place !!

We played a lot on the beach, and it felt like a private one made
specially for us with nobody around except the 5 odd of us & offcourse
a horde of sea gulls who made sure we were at a distance. The
restaurant is beside the sea and eating food was a pleasure with
awesome ambience. We chatted till late in the night outside the tent
with cold breeze and the sound of lashing waves for the company.
Salya missed that though, he was more interested in sleeping.

Next day we visited the Harihareshwar mandir, it seems like there is
a cold war going between the pujaris at the two temples present
there. Each mandir has a board saying this is the main mandir
here...n they call it Dakshin kashi, irony, reloaded.

We went to Shrivardhan from there, it too has a nice clean big beach.
But since we had gone there at noon time we didnt spend much time
toddling around. Next we went to DiveAgar. It has a beach you can
see from the snaps of Greece & Mauritius, marine blue sea, golden
sand & some constellation of rocky terrains which look like modern
art. There too we spent very less time for we had to rush home, so
that we could have some leisure time on Sunday evening.

We hopped back, with music & innovative antakshari & offcourse the
driver SPDP(siddesh patil driver pathetic, to be precise) as we named
him, he bugged us as much as he could through the trip.

PS : Guys, Damma, Pashy, Salya & Mandar IT was great, we'll go
somewhere again. Ashwin, Bala & Muks its really sad u people
missed it.

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record ...
I was not able to catch any sleep the night before so I ticked the sleeping checkbox.

Also this trip was the biggest learning experience for pashy in that he learned how to take diving catches ... go pashy go !!