Thursday, November 18, 2004

CVS - C very simple

When you come to work in a organization you come to know the
value & power of CVS. Its like a messiah when you remember
you just mistakenly deleted the only existing copy of a
source file your working on! I dont know about others but I
have the bad habit of making changes in the same file without
saving the old *working* copy. CVS is like God for people like me.

The pain with CVS is that when your trying to add or
commit files, directories in bulk it keeps bugging you
every now & then for password. I mean secure shell, encryption,
public key and all that work hand in hand with CVS sound very
appealing but you just dont care about anything when you get
irritated by password prompts banging on the screen every 10
secs. All you want then is your work done with the minimum efforts...
who the hell cares about those damn 1024 bit public & private keys
& session timeouts !!

Tortoise CVS which is wonderful Windows shell extension kept flashing
the password message box in the same way...every 10 secs. I googled
( ya thats a registered word in English vocablary now !) on how to
fix it, that is entering the password only once. And kept trying the
complicated task of saving a random public-private key pair, placing
the public one on the sshed terminal, using Pageant ( a key utilisation
daemon or something ) and this and that and that. And I was out
completely blown out when single line solved the whole issue....
just place "-pw password" as a ssh parameter, it was on Tortoise's
site and they said its like breaking the whole purpose of ssh, placing
your password in plain text open to the world. But I say thats a very
nice solution, who would be so paranoid to encrypt the innocent CVS
password except for the designers of CVS who thought of using ssh.
I think all of this has its roots in the fact that these are all Unix
ideology ( which I strongly apprrove of).But this a very insecure world
& we need 1024 bit encrypted passwords flowing on the wire, I still dont
know why, everybody isnt working on NSA projects are we ?

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