Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The great dilemma...

The great dilemma torments me every instant n its
feels like a countdown ticking fast with a hammer
banging at every second. The options I have are...
I donno, seems like all ways are scrambled & foggy
& I just cant do any lookahead. And how in the hell
am I supposed to make a decision, as crucial as this
without having absolutely any knowledge of what lies
ahead....damn I havent been trapped so badly anytime
before...this is so mentally disturbing. I couldnt
sleep one night & my brain doesnt stop working on the
issue..its been 4 days..aaahhh.

One way theres risk, uncertainty on the other is
vague promises, some betrayal, may be a new hope &
again uncertainty. Dear Mr. Heisenberg ! if u could
be here to solve my uncertainties...

2 more days & I have to solve this, otherwise every
thing will surely go to a wreck.

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Anonymous said...

hey parag
chill down....whatever has to happen will... and probably for the best. this is just one of the small decisions that u have to take ....lifes long and there will be decisions of greater type with more things at stake.....whatever u decide ..just hang on..and dont waste ur sleep over it

Parag said...

Whoever that was thanks for those reassuring words...
& lifes interesting enough to leave ur sleep over it