Saturday, November 13, 2004


First blog to get written from Linux. This is MandrakeLinux 10.0,
with auto fat / ntfs volume mount. Yes, ntfs too.

dheere se jana khatiyan me...
....ohhh khatmal
dheere se jana khatiyan me...!

I happened to hear this song. Till date i thought
this was a semi-classical song...cause i never looked
over the lyrics. And now that i have heard it...i cant
stop applauding KishoreDa's urge for creativity. This song
which has some really weird lyrics ( it is addresed to the
khatmal to stop troubling a beauty in her sleep ! )
has been turned into a nice semi-classical piece. People who
can do this metamorphosis, turn tragic into magic are, simply
put, genius. And the maestro has a number such weirdo creativity
put in place very gracefully. Look at songs from chalti kam naam
. It has KishoreDa styled fusion all over it. And yet he
manages to make it sound good.

Creativity has so much freedom which comes gift wrapped with it.
It brings in a lot more out to the mechanical world, its the
contribution of this imaginitive intelligence that makes life
so much worth living. Above all it gives so much satisfaction,
like this piece of blog filled with a random subject going in a
random direction, yet it gives me some nice feeling of achievement,
especially this last statement !

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