Sunday, November 07, 2004

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

I had a strong debate with a friend over this so i thought why not write it down.

Truth...will we ever know it.The discussion that follows is an endless one and will remain so till we, the human race get an answer and definitely a very satisfying one. So the zillion dollar question, from the day the human race has had the right intellect; Is there life other than that on Earth ? And as always this question comes with a "family pack" of questions.

Life as we know started due to "sustainable" environment getting formed which was an ensemble of liquids & gases in the right proportion. And offcourse as historical science says...we had the
single celled creatures, then mutli celled ones, and the evolution went on and on till we had the best...atleast till Wow !! But is this all really true...can it be reproduced in a lab, no one
till date has, not even the very first step...creation of a single celled creature from a royal gathering of organic liquids, proteins & related gases. It seems so very impossible to me. And lets say after
permuting and combining millions of possibilties in a million threaded ways continually for a million years we get EUREKA a single celled animal. But how the hell does it know I have to survive, I have to ingest, I have to reproduce, and the most important of all how does it develop a "self", me , I.

Many have a established a parallel line of thought, which though remarkably convincing is flawed at the basic. They propose life on earth was initiated by beings from another galaxy/planet. They fleed from home for survival, their home was probably destroyed by some war,natural calamity or just over consumption of resources. To avoid annihiliation they placed there leftovers on a planet which had a "sustainable environment". This thought is very aptly prooved with hard facts in the "Chariots of the Gods". The author lucidly lays down details from almost all ancient civilizations( right from Hindu mythology to Incas, Egytians and stone age men. ) across the planet
to show how aliens descended and started life here...But the basic flaw is, LIFE did start somewhere for once...theres no explanation on that.

As for evolution, it can be undeniably said that initial evolution began with mutation. Improper protein formations led to accidental evolution of countless species from the "multi celled creature".
Evolution of multi celled creature from single celled one is another magic of evolution. Charles Darwin very appropriately justifies evolution, the body parts that are used more evolve and those that arent are removed...and obviously all of this is a gradual process taking thousands of years. And going by Darwin human race can expect a very very intelligent brain, average intelligence is
increasing steadily through the eons.

So the question and the quest remains, is there life elsewhere ? did it start by itself ? If not who did, God ? And then who is this God ? Life, Faith, or something else...will we ever know ?

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