Tuesday, October 05, 2004

On Blogging

Some excerpts on why and what of blogging:

Blogging is a 5-year-old grassroots movement on the Net in which people use specialized software to post short messages about everything under the sun, and especially about other information they've read on the Net. Blogging is seen by some as a self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing, faddish activity that will soon fade away. It is seen by others as an entirely new way of communicating, sifting through new information, learning what is "hot," and a painless, easy-to-learn form of Web publishing.

Is blogging merely a form of exhibitionism or a compelling new form of journalism? There is evidence to conclude that it is probably both.

Writing in the Sunday Times of London, Andrew Sullivan calls blogging "the nascent Napster of the journalism industry".

Even if not meant to be, blogs are very revealing about the rhythms of their writers' lives, and their writers' interactions with others. Because in the blogging culture one uses one's own name and is known by the people with which one interacts, blogging is opposite to some of the early and still-persisting group cultures on the Net where anonymity and multiple personalities hide the identity of the actual communicators. The best of blogging is a part of the open, participatory, respectful, and quite positive nature of the emerging Net.

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Ashwin said...

Believe it or not .. Companies HR ppl read people's blogs and if they seem a good fit for the company .. they are called over !
According to them .. personal blogs sometimes reflect the true nature of a person ..

possible .. as it is .. many ppl give practised answers to Qs in an HR intv. !