Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Its a interesting thing, what to write, lets go technical for a while....changing gears.. khatak.. khatak. Recently in the free time that i get at work i have been doing a lot of exploring...quenching my thirst as much as i can. I went through installing a lot of OSes, played with them till i got bored and am back to my 2 os state, Linux ( generally some flavor of RedHat / Fedora) and Windows( good old nice clean pleasing Windows ).

First was Mandrake. i had this tremendous crush on Mandrake...its good, nice n undoubtedly the cleanest, user friendly ( thats an important term ) Linux. The best part is it looks a million bucks
with the Galaxy look, sleek, shiny silver. Everything is a finished work in Mandrake world. U want to install something...on other Linices u'll have to go through getting source tgz's , compiling and
installing if at all it comes out clean.Phew !! On Mandrake u always get a .rpm, the community is so strong, they keep there interests well protected. I donno why the Mandrake people dont market it for servers and enterprise uses. Its a, all included, for everyone kinda distro. Its time will come...

Next was Lycoris, a less heard distro around here. Its the Linux with WindowsXP experience. The default desktop is very well customised, the control panel astonishingly looks like WindowsXP's.
Its a very nice looking, neatly customised os. Installation is easier than any other distro i have seen. The artwork is appealing, professional. Microsoft supposedly is porting MS Office to Lycoris.

Then i checked out a very small Live linux, DamnSmallLinux( DSL ). Its just 55MB !! N it has everything from X, browser, pdf reader, xmms...everything a normal user would need. It manages to be so small cause it uses something called as FluxBox for desktop instead of heavy weights KDE or GNOME.( in RTC i found two desktops, IceWM and Xfce which are very light n look cool too, Xfce is a serious competition to KDE / GNOME n it runs with a base of 21 MB only ! )

DSL also has a hdd install option which needs 200MB space, n its all in one command. Way Cool.

Then was FreeBSD....@##$%$%^*. People say its fast, runs Linux /Windows binaries, n more its the REAL Unix. Believe me when i say its pain to install it even for those who know Linux in n out. Damn it doesnt install on a non-primary partition. If somebody can configure its X...lets bet. May be after all the trouble its worth...but who cares after so much grey cells frying...It needs a serious makeover.

I hvent still mentioned Windows Live, its nice too on the ways of Knoppix, Freesbie.


Anonymous said...

Hey ,
U are a real good writer , u sure have great hidden talents as a writer , go ahead and be a writer for wrox , what are u doing in a f@#$%^& company like calsoft doing QA + development

A fellow calsoftian

Parag said...

Looks like i should seriously consider
ur suggestion.

Anonymous said...

FreeBSD has always been better that f**king Linu***** .

Linux is a thief of the BSD code set and always relied on BSD OS for a fallback.

The network stack that Linux uses also uses the reno release released by BSD .

Friend dont say anything on any BSD OS before u look at the truth

A FreeBSD fan