Thursday, October 07, 2004


Bizarre, yes thats the word that pops to my mind the moment
i hear peoples'( i hope thats the right punctuation) nick names.
Pappu if i am not wrong is the most common one.Interestingly
it is used to address both guys n girls. In fact that is true for
mostof the nick names. But one thing that i noticed distinctively
that Indian nick names have more of the feeling of affection,
fondness, comeliness associated with them. Billu or Manu
sounds much goody goody shweet than Bill or Andy.

In fact we have become so accustomed to suchnominations that
once u get close to Kshitij he becomes kshitti, Nachiket becomes
nachya, Balajigoes bala,(Ashwin i still call u Ashwin, n this thread
of thought doesnt apply to ur name.). The bizarre strikes when
theres no connection whatsoever between the real and the nick.
Like...Damma, hehe...Damma tumhara naamkya hai(Siddharth)
n Batya (Hrishikesh). But this all makes a lot of good energy n
keeps people bubbling n cheerful.So go ahead, make friends, more
n more, get them with weirder nicks...Live...

Theres other branch to this too, people do distinguishcertain people
with a soundingly surprising nick, just for the heck of it.

N for those who are more than curious to know my nicks...
Parya, Paru, Parry, Surf, Bapu ( hey ram !!)

N this stuff is a direct derivative of
Anu, Shlaaka, Yogi, Ranju, Mukya, Pashy, Salya, Praflya, kk,
Madhya, Thipya, Sandy, Santya, Jaidya, Yuga, Nagoba, Contrya,
Zorro, Deomama, Shirkya, Andya, Champo, Hippy n Mandy
n recently Kjo, Anna, Tiger, Kattu n Pappa(!!).

the suffix "ya" implies the typical Marathi slang.

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