Monday, October 04, 2004

The article...

[ Had written this for Srujan 2004, unfortunately couldn't get it published...]

The Part(y)ing begins...

four years have gone by....just like that. i still feel as if it has been just
a few months after my fe exams...the fourth dimension seems to be
non-existing. somebody has said "time exists just because all things
cannot happen at once".

then again & again i keep asking myself...what did i do these
supposedly small four years ? i studied 39 , now that is a frightening
figure , subjects. but did i really study ? it was more like is kaan se
suna us kaan se chhod diya, and i guess many of you will agree with
me over that. engineering i believe is not where you learn things but
where you learn how to learn and that is the biggest thing this
education has to offer. semester after semester things keep
bombarding on our tiny grey cells. but people do assimilate wisdom
in one or two semesters...they dont go to fry their cells until the last
month before exams. life becomes a crash course...and that is where
engineering people score over rest of their counterparts.

Continuing the thought process about "learning", family , relatives
and friends think that yes this guy is now an engineer. if something
happens to their pc, music system, washing machine, bike, car and
God knows what not, they eagerly ask you for advice. even if you
dont know anything whatsoever is the problem, and this is mostly
the case, you give them an impression that you are thinking over.
you start gazing in infinity or keep looking at the ceiling and stuff
like that. then you utter some technical jargon which nobody can
understand, but who cares...people are already impressed by your
wit ! everyone wants to feel they are needed and what better
chances can there be than these.

i know that our batch (be 03-04) is a guinea pig. right from the
first year admissions to fourth year exams everything was first
tested on us, the effects studied and the things changed. But hey
University fellas i have no complaints, afterall its only our batch
that has the tolerance to face the atrocities, and we are chosen
the ones !!
zara jaasst maaaj zaala.

whatever gained and whatever lost now seems immaterial, just
cause these four years have made me, us more mature, fault
tolerant. it has given me friends and memories i can cherish for
life. at the risk of sounding prophetic and nostalgic let me quote..

diye jalte hain
phool khilte hain
badi mushkil se magar...
duniyaa mein log milte hain.

and now that we are going to break free from the chains and
stepping in a new world, the new world as Neos(meaning
beginners) i just hope some Morpheus would be waiting out
there for us saying with his charismatic voice "Welcome to the
real world....".

The cursor is blinking_
(i believe that is a landmark statement !!)

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