Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sham bhi koi jaise hai nadi
Lehar lehar jaise beh rahi hai
Koi ankahi, koi ansuni
Baat dheemi dheemi keh rahi hai
Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani
Jo khamoshi sunaati hai
Jise tune chaha, hoga woh tera
Mujhe woh yeh batati hai
Main magan hoon par na jaanu
Kab aane wala hai woh pal

- Sham, from the soundtrack of Aisha
  Music, Vocals - Amit Trivedi, Lyrics - Javed Akhtar

Ever since I heard DevD soundtrack, I've been looking at the work of its composer, Amit Trivedi. He has been entertaining, very. Checkout is his new compositions with new sounds and arrangements, in Aisha and Udaan(which just got a official selection at Cannes), and while you are at it check the soundtrack of Aamir.

Going back to 'Sham', it's a brilliant composition. Seemingly simple words, turned into a great piece. Look out for the pauses, the highs and lows and the mood in the voice, sung by the composer himself.


Sudeep said...

Till date I have ended up liking all your song recommendations, so I will look forward to this one :)

Parag said...

Hope you are not disappointed :)