Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dev-astatingly D-elirious!

The emosanal attyachaar continues. After a week's wait, I finally watched Dev.D. And I must say, it did live up to the hype, if not more.

I have been listening the songs for the last month[1] or so. The soundtrack of the movie is absolutely brilliant, as many as 18 tracks, and they have been craftedly used in the film. They serve as the background score, albeit loud, and take the story forward. Or its the other way round, the story makes a good gel for the 18 tracks to connect to each other. It is the one of the USPs of the film, and has sounds from almost every genre you can think of.

Initially I thought I could predict what-next in the movie, having heard the soundtrack so often. You know, the songs and lyrics give out the film, generally. But I was wrong, and how! Anurag Kashyap, the director, just blows the lids off. The way, the sweetly "yahi meri zindagi" culminates, with a disturbing reverb and the screaming rock version of "emotional attyachaar" climaxes, with 360 degree blurry still shots, is as classy as it gets.

The frames use colors, saturated colors of all shades, heavily. More colorful than what Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas was. There are direct hints to the SLB's version, and its a slap on his face. Dev.D just screams out, how Devdas the character is, leaving all previous renditions miles behind. Performances are good, not a single lame act.

Anurag Kashyap, before a director is a writer, and it shows. The hard hitting dialogues give the movie a in-your-face feel. He uses a lounge dancing troupe to tell the musical story, where he cannot directly use song and dance. He stops the storm of music at a beat, gives a scene, and starts the storm again, superb editing. Making a movie, remade 8 times is no joke. Thumbs up for the creativity!

All said, its five-shining-stars cinema, but may not be a five star entertainment for everyone though. I hope it rakes in enough money so that we can see such cinema grow.


PS: how ironical is it to see a d-movie on a v-day :)

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