Friday, February 12, 2010

The future of DSLR

There are fewer times I get this excited.

This is one of them.

Got a Panasonic GF1 recently, and I'm absolutely in love with it. I remember those days when I had a sad analog camera and I had to restrict myself to a max of two film rolls, and then develop-print-digitize them, painful. I used to envy my friends having digital ones. I got my first camera, a $100 point and shoot, some Samsung 5MP and I used to love it alongwith its shortcomings, I had learnt to work around them. Later on, I got a Fuji Finepix with an unheard of 18x optical zoom and okay-ish manual controls. But it had its own shortcomings, and I used to get irritated working around them, because by this time I knew a little more about the pins-and-points of photography and I knew till what limits it could go. A DSLR was an obvious next.

Recently, while casually amazoning(this is a dangerous thing to do by the way, invariably puts a hole in your wallet) I came across micro-four-thirds. Later realized that it was the same technology that I had read about a year ago. I was sold, and decided that a micro-four-third would be my DSLR. As I like to say it, which for some reason some people find funny, I've moved from almost-a-DSLR to the future-of-DSLR.  I'm quite convinced that this is the future, and it looks darn impressive. We'll be looking at even more compact interchangeable lens cameras soon.

You can read some interesting reviews of the GF1 here:
Techradar Craigmod SteveHuff

And like one of the reviewers says

"It'll rekindle your love of photography, and if that's not the hallmark of a fine camera, we don't know what is."

I've been trying to be regular in playing with it, documented here.


Amit said...

Nice ... Before I regret by EOS 50D purchase, please tell me that there are not many good zoom lenses for this thing out there yet !!! Am talking of something equivalent to the Canon 70-200mm IS USM ...

Parag said...

Cool.. thats a solid camera! On the micro four thirds side they are actually making decent zoom lenses, with more coming soon. And with a four thirds adapter or other adapters, a large variety of lenses are indeed available.

Panasonic 45-200mm f/4.0-5.6 micro 4/3:

Sigma 70-200mm Four Thirds Lenses:

Kon ?? said...

great congrats :)