Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Aah.. another instance of blogger's block hitting bad at me. The only savior was the no-brainer topic one can absolutely write about, new year resolutions.

I generally don't fall for such hocus-pocus cause generally these are self-motivational with lesser focus. But this year it is different. It is different because I'm freakishly dissatisfied about the current year and I really need to make some resolutions. 2009 has undoubtedly been the fastest year in time with a lot of activity and scaringly less achievement. Not that I'm a achiever with bunch of trophies on my shiny desk, but this time it actually feels like there was a lull. May be it has got to do with the phase I'm in, which by itself won't have any peaks, unless off-course I drag myself to do something. The key being initiative, and a sustained one at that.

2009 hasn't been that bad on the creative front though. I've been delving deeper into my pursuits, and I'm quite pleased looking back. Now what I need again is, sustained initiative. Hope 2010 keeps it going and further.

I really want to do something, or at the least start doing something, which can some day count as an achievement. Now if you look at the wording of that sentence, it reflects a typical me as people say it. Lot of probability. I would like to change, no, I want to change that. In terms of tangible things, I want to be more fit, proactive, creative & productive.

Happy new year.

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