Monday, November 02, 2009


Talking about heroes, I got one of mine :)

HTC Hero. It is the best phone I've ever owned. I'm in simple words amazed by this device. May be its cause I jumped generations of phones, my previous was a shameful Motorola Rokr (even Steve Jobs got pissed at it :P)

You'll find all sorts of superficial and in-depth reviews about this device. But to summarize it has good hardware, has a great UI(HTC Sense), a stable platform(Android) and a great app store (off-course nothing beats Apple's app store).  I was so much sold, I decided to switch to Sprint from AT&T for that, which can now be regarded as a wise move considering Sprint's network and plans.

Recently I wanted couple of things, a GPS, a pocket camera, a portable music player and a new phone, and this sweet device does it all. Why not iPhone you would ask, wouldn't you?

Well, my hatred of iTunes ranks first in the reasons I have. I don't use iTunes even on my Mac, simply don't like it. Secondly, background apps. This phone(Android in general) has background apps that can do magic, like put the phone on vibrate when at work, turn wifi on at home, mute notification sounds in sleep time. And the not so magical but essential things like listen to internet streams while doing other stuff, have notifications for tweets/facebook/whatever-you-want, chat without getting logged off on switching the app, and use a GPS/maps app while using other apps. Thirdly, iPhone is just not cool. There, I said it.

There are fourth, fifth and some more reasons, you may have a look at the fantastic Droid ad to get a hold.


Unknown said...

You don't own it yet :P ;)

Addicted To Chaos said...

Looks like a real cool phone. Android is definitely the future, but before you curse Apple too much, you must agree they are pioneers and trend-setters. Which is why the UI on this Android device looks so familiar to IPod Touch and IPhone users. Apple may be monopolistic and over-hyped, but they did what they need to do to make money!

Parag said...

shals < thanks again :D

satte < I don't curse Apple too much, in fact I like them, there innovation index is waay far and beyond the rest. But yes, I don't like their monopolistic, control-freaky attitude. Android definitely seems quite promising, and looking at the number of handsets coming out with Android it is the future that will stay.

Mukya said...

Congrats on getting a great phone! Hero sure has too many cool features. And you are right - iPhone has lost its cool quotient - I think apple needs to reinvent the phone, otherwise, google looks set to take over.

Having said that, I would also add that Apple wasn't in the phone market at all and despite, it showed the likes of nokia, motorola what a phone could possibly do! Not only that, the idea of the appstore ecosystem was was a bit revolutionary! All the phones that we talk about now have taken the core ideas from Stevie's iPhone. I hope he opens it up and lets developers do a bit of magic with it! Cheers!

Gandalf said...

Damn, I hate iTunes. And miserable network of AT&T has got me thinking about switching to some smart phone other than my good old iPhone. But alas, addiction of iPhone!