Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dhan te nan!

On a literally infinite loop of the new track from Kaminey, Dhan te nan. It is so energizing. Vishal Bharadwaj is back with powerful music, and I hope an equally intriguing film, looking at his track record. I admire such multi-talented people. The lyrics, by Gulzaar, defy age and convention:

koi chaal aisi chalo yaar ab ke
samandar bhi pul pe chale
phir tu chale us pe ya mein chaloon
shehar ho apne pairon tale
kahin khabrein hain
kahin kabrein hain
jo bhi soye hain kabron mein
unko jagana nahi
chal chal sadkon pe hogi
dhan dhan dhan te nan - 3


Kon ?? said...

+1 :)
have been listening to just kaminey songs for past 3 days. And dhan te nan is surely the best of the lot.

Anonymous said...

can u translate d above lines in english

Parag said...

Anonymous, I'll try since you ask:

lets play some trick maite
to make the seas walk over the bridge
then you walk over it or me, doesn't matter
the city will then be at our heels
there are rumors
and there are graves
don't wake up the ones
sleeping in the graves

That was coarse, but it conveys :P

Minu said...

hain! what does that convey? pardon my ignorance...I really didn't understand the seas-over-the-bridge concept and its relation with the dead ppl

Parag said...

The samandar-bhi-pul-pe-chale is more of a visual metaphor, meaning I guess is that 'lets do something impossible/outworldly and rule the world'.

The "khabrein/kabrein hain" line is separate from that thought.