Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blue Jeans

I wear a blue jeans
That me seldom cleans
I already have a slew
And then I got two new
Blue jeans!

Dark and light
Cross hatched - stone washed
Loose and tight
But that doesn't hide
That its just a blue jeans!

Day in and day out
Otherwise or when in doubt
I wear.. a blue jeans.
Shirts, tees, rounds and V's
But underneath it is
the same old.. blue jeans.

And its just not me,
the world is at its knee
Everybody is stuck with the blue,
many a man tried to unglue
The blue jeans!

Some say, free your mind
Some say, free your soul
I say, unzip and unwind
There are more colors
than the squalid blue!

1 comment:

Gandalf said...

Purani Jeans :)
Next time go with a Yellow Jeans ... or a Red one like Salman Khan or Govnida ;)