Monday, June 08, 2009


Well there are days and there are days. There are days when my glasses fall down literally 10 times a day and they are still, fine and dandy say I. And then there are days, when two sets break to pieces in 2 days after surviving for 2 years.

Well again, there are days and there are days. There are days when lady luck is with me and I sail, walk over water sometimes. Then there are days when a lady, fine and dandy say I, says 'dood if you handle them like this, they are sure to break pretty soon', and they do, soon.

I'm just playing with words here... So, to end it, I got my vision checked again, but didn't want to make glasses at the optometrist ... they are ridiculously expensive (the ones I liked were 390 bucks :S). Luckily found few online things that work out real cheap. I ordered a rimless pair for as little as 47 bucks with shipping :) And the price comes out cheaper than what I'd have paid if had shipped from back home.

Recommended sites:
1. - CA based, but less variety and customization
2. - Hong Kong based, better variety and highly customizable frames. I ordered from here.

You will need an existing pair of glasses/goggles to come up with all the measurements though to make sure you don't end up looking like a 70's Batman. And you'll have to calculate the pupillary distance(PD - the distance between your pupil centers), which can be easily done at home.

Hope this helps someone.


balpeck said...


.... when choose use numbers and when you choose to spell them:P

Kon ?? said...

> I'm just playing with words here...
and i thought the first 2 paras were a reality ;). thank god you didn't carry more pair of glasses on the trip :P