Thursday, February 19, 2009

Water, glass and light

Time for change again. This time it wasn't planned. Suddenly it struck to me that one of my recently taken pictures, is a typical blog header. By typical I mean the ones you'll generally see on Wordpress blogs...grass and greenery in general with macro closeup. But I can never swallow a deadpan plain image for a header, I have to dress it up. Gives me a rare creativity kick.

No colors. I was trying the msnbc spectrum glow effect, but it was underplaying the picture, particularly the dew drop in focus. So I decided to keep all the effects colorless. Glassy squares which give a glittery feel, glassy strip with the heading and glowing lines. So here it is; water, glass and light.

If you are the curious type, previous headers are in the pics link.


balpeck said...

Refreshing look!
Good job!

Parag said...

Thanks Bala :)

Ashwin said...

dude ! This is really awesome !
I like the fancy CSS stuff with the boxes and shades.

oh wait a minute.. I just scrolled down and read the free-blogger-templates. :]

Very cool nvrthls.

Parag said...

the fancy CSS ij redhimade :)
worked on only the header re..

Sushanth said...

Very neat..