Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Emosanal Attyachaar!

Yeh Dil Pighla Ke Saaz Bana Loon
Dhadkan Ko Awaz Bana Loon
Smoking Smoking Nikle Re Dhooan
.... ....
Tauba Tera Jalwa, Tauba Tera Pyar
Tera Emosanal Attyachaar!

This number from the upcoming Anurag Kashyap's, Dev D, a new age version of Devdas, caught my attention in between all the endless channel surfing. The rock version is equally well done along with this brass band version.

Interestingly I have liked Socha Na Tha, Ek Chalis ki last local, Manorama Six Feet Under and Oye Lucky..Lucky Oye, all starring Abhay Deol, who plays the lead in Dev D.

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