Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The White Tiger - w/o spoilers

Read it somewhere in the papers that its a good book, and while looking for pirated books on the footpaths of Pune(yes I still buy pirated books) I saw the cover, it said "Man Booker Prize Winner for 2008". A quick look gave me a feeling this book should be more than good, so I went ahead and bought the original.

I'm already in the middle of some 2-3 books but I couldn't keep this down. Not a single page is such that you would read through the lines. I finished half of it in my flight back to SFO, considering I doze off most of the time this was some achievement.

Its a story about how a poor fellow, living a destitute life breaks the shell and makes it big. The story narrated in first person devises the character of this guy. A character which is not good, not bad. A gray character in its real sense. Aravind Adiga, the author, brings out the "two" Indias as he says, the dark-still-lagging-behind and the upwardly-achieving, through the life experiences of this central character. And its amazing how he manages to reveal the stark differences. The thick-black-ruthless humor through the entire narrative was first of its kind for me, enjoyed it a lot.

If you are looking to get out of "reader's block" or otherwise, highly recommended. Get free of the Rooster Coup!


Tushar said...

Even I got it today:) Good to know that my time will be spent well!

Salil said...

I was very disappointed with the way it ended. It was brilliantly real till about the final 2-3 chapters. But the end was very weak is what I felt. Could have been slightly more dramatic I suppose.

Parag said...

agreed! would have made it better for sure.