Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Darjeeling Limited

Its been some time since I wrote a movie review. Here is one. The object, "The Darjeeling Limited", is a story of three brothers who find a way to togetherness through a journey, a journey through India.

If you are wondering what the weird name means, its the name of a train that the brothers take in their journey. You need to have a little bit of patience initially, to get on the same page as the director. There are witty one-liners through out and light banter every now then, which keeps the movie a light-weight. All the three actors, who play the main characters do it fine. Owen Wilson, is funny and his innocence in trying to get the three of them together is personified perfectly. Its good to see him do some better roles than the stereotype foolhardy cowboy. And why is he always hurt on the nose, that too with a twisted one!

Few of the scenes in the movie are brilliant. Particularly the turning point of the story, where all the three of them incidentally attend a funeral, where they had missed being at their father's. The movie for a change doesn't show the India generally shown in the western films, with sadhus and snakes and elephants and bazaars. Interestingly, it shows all these elements, but not as typically at the least. There is lot of Indian music in the background score which makes the tone of the movie, but its used a bit too much. The slo-mo shots of catching the train, which remind me of DDLJ, are wonderful.

The other two characters played by Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman are portrayed-to-order. The shift, where they start trusting each other is properly etched. Editing is different, which makes a unique style for the film. Screenplay is amazing with quotes like "We haven't located us yet" and the annoyingly repetitive "Lets take a look at the itinerary".

In all, a good one.



Gandalf said...

Yeah .. agreed .. some scenes are truly funny ... i couldn't appreciate the movie more may be because of my several hours of tiring journey onboard korean air ..

Tushar said...

it was on the cards to watch this one but somehow missed it. lets see if my broadband in india is fast enough to watch it online:)