Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Window of Perception

I'm reading too much poetry these days on fellow blogizens blogs. And its showing its effects, bear one more here. Had a running thought, which I wanted to write down before I lose the strings, and prose wasn't helping.

Perceptions are a gamble,
Thoughts with a fumble,
A cheek with a dimple.
Whatever they are ,
They but, always blur the simple.

There was a cat,
Magic under its hat.
Something has changed,
A bit here and a bit there.
And strings have deranged.

I say, aha
I hear, aah
Or was it the other way around,
Not merry is this go-around.

Its midnight now.
And in front of the forces,
One has to bow,
Fight these coerces,
Is life, and how.

Strive through this night,
Long will be this fight.
And then there will sunrise,
No more deception.
Through this window of perception.


Gandalf said...

It's a nice form of poetry. Quite unusual and refreshing. Though some rhymes sound like hip-hop! But indeed an interesting poetry :)

Parag said... that you said, it really does sound like hip-hop!