Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For many many days

Its been ages since I wrote something that made sense. This is not a try at that.

For many many days,
its been like this
the unassuaged slumber,
the zeal amiss

just carrying on
with a forlorn hope;
but the days are gone
when there was kaleidoscope
for many many days...

the virtual life
reliance and skype;
the strife
for simple things in life,
and I thought it was just in the movies
for many many days...

there were reasons,
now known unknown
but, a few more seasons
and a few more reasons
the lid shall be blown;
the thoughts, they keep swinging
I keep saying, "What were you thinking?!"
for damn many many days...


ipokabear said...

laai bharii !!

Gandalf said...

Very interesting! Very interesting indeed!