Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Life in a...Metro, the music

Melody. Punch.

After a long time, a complete rocking album. Life in a...Metro, is the movie album I'm talking about. Each and every soundtrack in the album stands out. Its a breather in the current phase where there is an absolute dearth of some soulful music. Pritam is creating magic, starting with Gangster, Bas ek pal & Woh Lamhe. The difference this time is that the movie is actually almost as good as the music. Earlier ones didn't deserve some of the superb tracks they got.

In Dino, the starter, is a continual chart topper. Though I didn't like its revisited version, which sounds like a terrible remix. Then there is Alvida, in the dreamy voice of KK; this song two versions, each in different mood. KK's is like a nostalgia while the one by James (the singer that looks like some rock star, and who appears in almost all videos in the film) has a angry hard-rock tone and lot of guitar interleaved. O Meri Jaan, has one of finest "woo-hoo" pieces. Baate Kuch Ankahi a melodious track. It has as many as three versions. One crooned by Adnan Sami, in his typical heavy swinging voice, one of his best. The revisited version is fast paced with beats thrown in, sounds more poppy. The third one, called unplugged, is slow and soulful, with just mouth organ and guitar, this is probably the best track in the album.

Rishtey, too has two versions. One by angry man James, and the other by DJs Naved & Nikhil Chinappa (the channel v vj, his name turns up in number of good albums!) which is a total remix style, but sounds good. And finally there is Kar Salaam, which is shown at the end of the movie, where the different stories reach their culmination, some end in happily ever after, some don't. The song is like a commentary on life, and has that introspective feel.

kho jaana, pa jaana, na paana, hai jindagi jaan le
bik jaana, loot jaana, bass jaana hai jindagi maan le
ho ho ho karle yakin, jo kal gaya woh phir se aata nahin
ho ho ho gujra huva jo waqt hai woh dastak lagaata nahin
jo aaj hai bass wahi hai tera - 2
ha kya teri hasti hai, mitti ki basti hai
pal mein hi ho jaati hai yeh fanaa
kar salaam - 4

This album is a collector's item.

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