Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Piled Higher and Deeper

Jorge Cham the creator of PhDcomics was visiting our university and luckily I was free today. It was a really nice talk, he is a great speaker with a very good sense of humour and timing, much like his comics. And to believe it, this guy is a Standford graduate and now a faculty at Caltech! His topic was "The Power of Procrastination", and I actually follow it quite well :P In his words, there is a difference between procrastination and laziness. When you are lazy you don't want to do things. When you are procrastinating you want to do the things, just that you don't want to do them now :)

I have a ton of things to do yet...before leaving for the summer internship...get a credit card, get a phone, new i-20, ra work and the remaining of the projects and exams. It just never ends.


ipokabear said...

yeh ..i have learnt this thing long time back..n tried convincing my parents..tht I AM NOT LAZY....its just i tend to PROCRASTINATE a i will use Jorge Cham's references to prove the point!!

Parag said... a matter fact, the first person that comes to my mind after looking at it, is you! the second is me :P